For appointments please call (970) 259 3110

Walk-ins Welcome!

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Your appointment will always be with a board certified family physician!

We are your Women’s Healthcare Specialist.

Pap smears, Breast Exams, Contraception management (Nuvaring, Mirena & SKYLA IUDs, DepoProvera, Implanon) , Colposcopy, STD Testing and Chronic Female Issues

We maintain a full inventory of immunizations and vaccines for the whole family.

Care for the whole family is provided by Board Certified Family Physicians.

We provide treatment for minor injuries, fractures and lacerations.

Welcome To Our Practice

We would like to tell you about our policies and briefly explain our concept of Family Medicine. This will help us to provide (and you to receive) the best health care possible for you and your family. In addition to treating illness and injuries, we would like to help you learn to stay well. When you are sick, we want you to understand your illness – the cause and all of the options for treatment and how to PREVENT any recurrence or complications. In addition, we encourage screening for early signs of illness – particularly heart disease and cancer – to minimize the impact of these illnesses on your health. With your input we’ll develop a comprehensive plan to optimize the health of you and your family.

Appointments are required to see a physician. We reserve spaces in the daily schedule for work-in appointments. Please check with the receptionist for availability. Priority will be given to medical emergencies. If you are unable to keep your appointment, please notify us as soon as possible. This will allow us to accommodate another patient.

In after hour emergencies, call our office number and you will be given instructions for reaching the doctor. Please inform us if you are hospitalized. Although we are an office based practice, we will communicate with the hospitalist and specialist physicians in order to keep ourselves informed of your progress.

We are happy to provide care for friends and relatives of our patients who are visiting the area. We welcome new patients and your referrals are appreciated.

Thank you for your confidence in us as your family’s physician.

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    We see patients of all ages. You may feel free to make appointments solely for discussion and consultation. Learn More

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    Sunday CLOSED

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    Plan ahead when calling for a prescription refill. Up to 72 hours may be necessary for your doctor to review your chart and approve your medication. Call (970) 259 3110

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